Have you ever watched the show, “Extreme  Makeover”.  As you know in a short time a crew either totally improves a family home for a deserving family and in some cases actually tares down the existing structure and builds a new home.  The  family comes home and the shout, “Move That Bus” reveals a beautiful new home for a family to move in and enjoy.  It is a great moment as the family even enjoys the decorations.  Every  little spot in the house is organized and the neatly placed toys, and decorations are placed carefully to add to the special effect.  The house is absolutely perfect.  I have always wanted to see one of those houses about  2 days after the family moves back in.  I ask, would all the toys still be neatly placed in their place?  Would the kitchen  countertops still be perfectly organized?  Why do I ask? I have a garage.  I have cleaned and organized my garage many times.  But it keeps going from organized, neat, clean to being a mess.  Sometimes we long for things to just be  simple, controllable, manageable.

I am told that a man named Charles Wagner said,  “Amid the confused restlessness of modern life, our wearied minds dream of simplicity.”  Good and true statement isn’t it.  It is really  amazing that He said this in 1895.   Not 1995, 1895, long before there were hand held devices, Televisions, the internet, cell phones and all the other amazing devices to help us get more done and  entertain us more.

In the  New Testament Book of Luke 10.38-42 we find a touching and wonderful story of 2 women who along with His disciples are hosting Jesus for a meal.  Martha welcomed the Lord into her home.  The Bible  says, Mary sat at Jesus feet. To do that meant she  was placing herself in the place of  learning and submission to His  authority.  It also showed an attitude of worship.  Jesus is Lord.  However Martha is equally concerned and engaged in making sure the meal for this wonderful savior was just right.  However, it did not take long before Martha was more concerned about everything being right than she was concerned about Jesus Himself.  Mary was absorbed in Jesus.  Martha was distracted by the demand that all be perfect.  When you read the story you will find Martha so agitated that she orders Jesus to tell Mary to  get up and get to work and help her. There was no time for worship and  learning.  There was important stuff to do.  It is so funny to me that Martha is  so mad at Mary  that she  tells Jesus to tell her the message instead of telling  Mary herself. They are all in the  same room.  So much for the hospitality and affection for the  Lord.  The one, most important person in the home is now being ignored and ordered around for the sake of  lots of things that were not important.

Jesus answer is classic.  What else would we expect?  “Martha you are worried and troubled about many things.  But one thing is needed and Mary has chosen that good part…..”   Did you get the words  “one thing?”    In Philippians 3 Paul said “this one thing I do.”

1 Timothy 2.5 says,  “there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.”

Being  saved from  your  sin is simple:   Not lots of good works.  Not lots of prayers. Not lots of knowledge.  Not lots of sacrifices.  Not  lots of churches.    Just one savior.  The Lord Jesus.  Look at 1 John 5.11-13.

And there is really only one issue to live for.   Paul said it best when he said,  “for to me to live is Christ and  to die is  gain.”

Have you dealt  with the one issue in life that is most important?  Do you have  eternal life that is offered to you by God by Grace through Faith?   See Ephesians 2.8-9.

If you do, is your  life centered around the one person who alone is worthy of your attention?  It is simple when you think about it. You know you can’t please everybody.  You and  I have tried.  But  in Christ, the Son of God you can please the one who matters.