Truth or Error? Authentic or Fake? Real or Genuine?   In 1 Thessalonians 2.3 the apostle Paul told the new believers in Jesus that “our exhortation did not come from error or uncleanness or was it in deceit.” In the time when Paul was ministering there were many false prophets, and teachers going around pedaling their “preaching” and their “religion.” We find the same thing happening today. Paul is claiming that he was preaching the truth, and that they had God as a witness of this. It is important to know that there are a lot of counterfeits floating around but only one true gospel message.

I love to fly fish. When I fish I take advantage of an unsuspecting trout’s natural desire to eat. I know He is hungry, and I try my best to pick from my assortment of flies what would look like and act like what he would eat. My fly is an artificial imitation of his real favorite food. And it has a hook with a barb on it hidden within it.    My goal is to deceive the fish into thinking that the artificial imitation I am offering him will satisfy his appetite. And when it works, I set the hook and reel him in. Believe me it is exciting. There are many counterfeit gospel messages out there to choose from. Some say that God does not care about your sin, he just wants you to be sincere. Others say, it does not matter what you think about Jesus, because there are many paths to God. Others say, God wants you wealthy, and healthy.   But Jesus offers one way to be right with God.     And since Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life” according to John 14.6, and since Jesus is God’s final word from heaven according to Hebrews 1, and since 1 Timothy 2.5 says there is one God and one mediator between man and God, the man Christ Jesus, I think it is obvious that His way to God is the one and only right way.

In John14.6 Jesus himself says, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.” Ephesians 2.8 says, “for by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God”.

I go to a lot of trouble to deceive a trout into taking my hook imbedded counterfeit. And so false teachers go to a lot of trouble to offer you something that will not meet your need. Not only will a false gospel message not meet your need, it is dangerous to your soul.   Much like my fly, there is a hook waiting for you within. However God’s truth is simple, straight forward, and easily obtained. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not from error, or uncleanness or deceitful. It is truth, and He has changed my life.

When was a kid, I simply believed In Jesus the son of God, who died for me and arose for me. I followed him in believers’ baptism and committed my life to him. I am not claiming to be a great follower of Jesus, because I have failed him many times. But, He is the Lord of my life. Being His follower and submitting to Him as Lord of my life, was and continues to be the greatest decision of my life. He is real, He is wonderful and He has given me Life. Genuine, authentic, and true eternal life! Others can testify of making this decision much later in life. I challenge you friend, to place your trust in Jesus, God’s son today. If you need help, let us know. We are here because of and for Him!