It is a beautiful day as I write this blog. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the cool fresh air of the fall is my favorite time of year to be outside. I am sitting in my office in body only. My heart is actually hiking down a mountain trail holding my wife’s hand or out in a trout stream knee deep in cold water looking for a gullible rainbow trout to take my fly. A brown trout or brook would be fine too. Wow! That is an awesome experience.

I remember it being a beautiful day September 11th 2001 also. Our lives were interrupted on that cloudless day with a dark cloud that we should never forget. We were all going to work, or pursuing our hobbies, or responsibilities with very little if any consideration to the topic of eternity after life here on earth, when all of the sudden everything changed.

The citizens of this country had little or no warning of the events that would take place on 9/11. At least for most of us it was a complete surprise.   But there is a much bigger event that could happen any day or any hour, and there is an incredible amount of warning, and enthusiastic anticipation and instructions on how to prepare for this event. Are you heeding these warnings? The event of which I write is Jesus promise to come again. In the gospel of John chapter 14 Jesus knew of his immanent death on the cross. And He made a promise to his followers. This promise was to his followers then, and now. I am one of those followers by the way. He said, “I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to myself: that where I am there you may be also.” Jesus is coming again. Associated with His coming is a taking with Him to heaven all those who know Him as savior. This we call the “great hope.” Associated with his coming will be confusion regarding the events that happen later. Associated with his coming will be a time of tribulation on this earth culminating with a time of judgment such as this planet has never experienced.

The Bible is full of teaching about this event. One cannot read the bible without seeing the priority Jesus placed on being ready for Him to come again. Every chapter of the NT book called 1 Thessalonians is dedicated to preparing for this event and living in light of it. And if you read the bible and then look at the news regarding the Middle East, one can easily see how quickly all that the bible predicts will happen in Revelation could take place.

Jesus’ return is the “hope” of the believer in Jesus. To a person who loves Jesus as Lord of their life, the coming again of Jesus is a reason to get up in the morning. It is the joy in the midst of sorrow when a loved one dies, it is the anxious anticipation that one day, any day, and the Lord we have never seen will suddenly come to take us home. To others this is just some wild crazy fable. To others this idea of Jesus coming again is a thing to dread. This time of judgment is extremely frightening.

I believe that Jesus is God the son who came from heaven to live a perfect life in my place and then die a sacrificial substitutionary death for my sins. I believe that after he was buried he arose again from the dead, thus proving that HE is the God from heaven, and demonstrating that his sacrifice for sin was accepted by God the father. I discern from God’s word that I can have eternal life by believing in this person called Jesus who died for me and arose again. I have personally trusted Him as my savior, and I daily submit myself to him as Lord of my life. I live every day knowing that this same Jesus could come before the day is over. I do not deserve it, but based on the merit of Jesus righteousness and holiness, I am assured that when He comes I will go up and meet him in the clouds and ever be with my Lord.

Now here is the point. You have been warned and informed of this event. The bible speaks of repenting of sin and believing in Jesus for salvation. I plead with you friend. Receive Jesus as your savior today. Follow Him in water baptism thus identifying yourself with him in His death burial and resurrection. Make Him Lord of your life, because as Lord He is coming again.